Zambia Media Focus on Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriageway Project

2017/12/20 14:15:15  Read Number:

Zambian Daily Mail reports the groundbreaking ceremony


Recently, a ceremony has been held in Chibombo of the Central Province for kicking off the project of the Lusaka-Ndola carriageway, being the longest in Zambian history and constructed by the CJIC.  Zambia President Edgar Lungu, the Chinese ambassador to Zambia Yang Youming and President Xu Goujian of the CJIC cut the ribbon at the ceremony.
The leading media in Zambia like Times of Zambia and Daily Mail of Zambia give an in-depth report of the ceremony.
Daily Mail of Zambia says that the increasing traffic on broken roads due to the booming of Zambian economy inhibits the economic development, especially in mining sector of Northern Province. The Ludaka-Ndola dual carriageway is a solution to the problem.It quotes from President Lungu’s speech, “The Tanzania - Zambia railway is a monument for the friendship between China and Zambia established by Chairman Mao Zedong and President Kaunda. The Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway is a new chapter for the friendship written by Chinese President Xi and me.”
Reporting of Zambia says that the dual carriageway not only spurs the development of economy but also provides safe traffic for Zambia people.
President Lungu refers to it as an economic artery connecting the capital with the areas from the southern region, Copperbelt Province to the mining sector of Northern Province.

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