Water Supply Project in Otijibingwe, Namibia Passes Check & Acceptance and Is Transferred to Owner.

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The water supply pipeline

The concrete water tower


Recently,Water Supply Project constructed by the CJIC in Otijibingwe, Namibia passes Check and Acceptance and is transferred to the owner, Namibia Water Corp
At handing-over ceremony, the leader of Namibia Water Corp. praised the quality of the project. He said that the China Jiangxi Corporation is a trustworthy and responsible international contractor. The project has not only settled the problem of drinking water for the local villagers but also created hundreds of jobs. It strongly boosts the local economical and social development.
It is the first project constructed by CJIC in the sector of water supply in Namibia. It includes building a water supply pipeline with length of nearly 230 kilometers, a pumping station, a sanitation house, an office building, four staff dormitories, two concrete water towers of 500 cubic meters and sixteen water supply points of end tanks

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