President Xu Guojian Meets with Zambian President Lungu

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The meeting

The photo

On Sept.8, after the groundbreaking ceremony of the Lusaka- Ndola dual carriageway project, President Xu Guojian was invited to meet with the President of Zambia Lungu in the presidential residence in Lusaka. The meeting is also attended by the senior secretary of President Lungu, Assistant to the president Li Biya and the heads from the related departments of the CJIC.
President Lungu congratulated CJIC on the success of the ceremony.He said that the Zambian government awarded the most important project to the CJIC because as a big state-own enterprise with strength, it enjoys high popularity in Zambia and he believed that the Corporation has the capability to complete the project.
President Lungu added that the carriageway is an important passage for Zambian people. He asked the Corporation to execute the project complying with high standards and complete it as early as possible for the benefits of the Zambian people.
President Xu expressed his gratitude to the Zambian government for the credit. He said that the carriageway is an artery of Zambian economy and also an iconic project for the friendship between China and Zambia in addition to the Tanzania-Zambia Railroad project co-implemented by China and Zambia during the time of Chairman Mao Zedong and President Kaunda. He promised to employ possible resources, stick to high standards and complete it with the concerted effort on the schedule.
President Xu also congratulates President Lungu on the achievement Zambia has made under his leadership.They also have exchanged their opinions on other issues at the meeting,.

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