Groundbreaking Ceremony Is Held for Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriageway Project

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President of Zambia is making remarks

Ambassador Yang is making remarks

President Xu Guojian is making remarks

On Sept.8, in Chibomnbo of the Central Province, a ceremony was held to kick off the project of Lusaka-Edola dual carriageway constructed by CJIC with contract value of USD $1.245 billion.
Over 3500 People attend the ceremony. They are President Lungu and officials from the Zambian government, provinces and tribes, the Chinese ambassador and the Chinese commercial counselor in Zambia, President, officials and employees from the CJIC, the representatives of Chinese enterprises and local residents.  
President Lungu said that the dual carriage project is one of the biggest road projects in Zambia history. It plays a very important role in the connection not only between the southern and the central copper area in Zambia, but also between Zambia, Congo-Kinshasa and the neighboring countries. Upon its completion, traffic in Zambia will be improved and accidents will be reduced so that life of the Zambians will be improved and the economy along the carriageway boosted.
President Lungu acclaims CJIC’s localized management and employment of more than 3000 Zambian workers to participate in the construction. He asks every related department alongside the carriageway to cooperate with the Corporation so that the project could be completed ahead of the schedule.
Chinese ambassador Yang said that the Lusaka-Edola dual carriageway project is a cornerstone for Zambian infrastructure and the economic and social development.He referred to it as a modern symbol of friendship between China and Zambia after the completion of the Tanzania - Zambia railway.
He said that the two countries have been working together in the sector of infrastructure for a long time and the future for further cooperation is promising.China will continue to support Zambia for its infrastructure development and help it to achieve the goal of becoming a medium-income country in the year of 2030.He also made a general instruction to the CJIC and projects under construction.
President Xu said that since 1987 when the Corporation first entered into Zambian market,it has abided by the principle of “Transmitting Friendship, Enhancing Cooperation and Boosting the Mutual Development.” It strives to strengthen the economic and technical cooperation between two countries.He emphasizes that besides the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport,the Lusaka-Edola dual carriageway is another key project constructed by CJIC in carrying out President Xi’s Belt and Road Initiatives. He promises to build it into a model project. He adds that the Corporation will continue fulfill its social commitment and is going to donate a high-standard school and renovating a local hospital.
On the ceremony site, President Lungu tried operating an engineering machine. Under the instruction of the local operator, he managed to level part of the testing road.Later, accompanied by the ambassador and President Xu, he laid a cornerstone to kick off the project.
It is learned that the Lusaka-Edola carriageway is 366 kilometers long and a dual way with four lanes. It links the capital of Zambia Lusaka, the capital Kabwe of the Central Province, the capital Edola of the Copperbelt Province and Kapiri Mposhi,the terminal point of the Tanzania - Zambia railway in Zambia. It directly covers 40 percent of the population and 70 percent indirectly. It is legitimately an economic artery of Zambia.
The project is financed by the Export - Import Bank of China. The construction duration is four years.

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