Leading Media in Zambia Praise CJIC for Effort in Training Local Talents

2017/12/20 14:13:27  Read Number:

The reporting in Times of Zambia

The reporting in Daily Mail

Recently, Times of Zambia and Daily Mail have reported the efforts made by the CJIC in training local talents,especially the measure of awarding the outstanding and hard working local employees.
Daily Mail reported that in order to improve the local employees’ technical skills and managerial level, the CJIC trains the Zambian workers regularly and sends the Zambians who work hard to China to learn advanced technology. 
The reporter has interviewed one of the awarded employees Janice. Janice said, “We went to China and met many colleagues. There are a lot of things we can learn from them such as hard working, commitment and dedication. All these ideals must be embraced in our country.”
Times of Zambia says that China Jiangxi Corporation (CJIC) has over the years partnered with the Government in the delivery of infrastructure development to the people. In order to appreciate the efforts of local Zambians who are working hard,China Jiangxi has started to send the local employees to China to learn and appreciate advanced levels of development.

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