Ouyang Daobing, Chinese Economic and Commercial Counselor in Zambia, Inspects Borehole Drilling.

2017/1/25 11:37:25  Read Number:

Counselor Ouyang (right 2, wearing sunglasses) inspects the project

Counselor Ouyang visits the local resident

Counselor Ouyang and the staff of the project office

Recently, the Chinese economic and commercial counselor in Zambia, Ouyang Daobing, and his entourage inspected the 920 boreholes aided by the Chinese government and contracted by CJIC.

Mr. Ouyang inquired in detail into the progress of the project. After sampling the water,he expressed his satisfaction with the quality and the progress of the construction. During the inspection, the counselor visited the local residents. When he was told that the boreholes greatly improved the local people's health and living condition, he encouraged the project office to keep up their working style of seeking for perfection to ensure the quality and the early completion of 920 boreholes so that more people could drink clean water.

It is reported that the 920 boreholes are distributed in 23 regions in Central Province and Luapula Province. 320 of them have been put into use and the remaining 600 are expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

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