Governor of Oshana Region Kashuupulwa and His EntourageVisit CJIC

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The meeting

The signing of the memorandum

On November 24, CJIC’s vice president Che Hui met with the governor of Namibia’s Oshana RegionClemens Kashuupulwa and the chairman of the provincial CouncilGerson H. Kapenda. They talked over the cooperation on the solar energy projects in the province. The personnel responsible were present at the meeting.

The vice president gave them a warm welcome. He extended his gratitude to the governor for his long-standing support for the corporation, most of whose on-going projects are in Oshana Region. He said that green energy is the main trend in the future and Namibia is very rich in solar energy.  Under the cooperation of CJIC and Oshana Region, the solar energy project targeted at low-income people can greatly reduce the price of electricity for the local residents. The corporation wants to take this opportunity to speed up the development in the nano-solar market and contribute to the cooperation and friendship between Oshana Region and Jiangxi province.

Mr Kashuupulwa expressed his thanks to the work that the corporation has done for the provincial infrastructure. He said that CJIC is a responsible international corporation with a good reputation for its strength. Oshana Region and Jiangxi province are sister states. Oshana Region is rich in solar energy but lacks related technology and funds. The project will set a good model for the future cooperation of both parties. He added that the government welcomed CJIC and would provide facilities for its development in the region.

At the end of the meeting, both parties signed a memorandum of the solar energy cooperation.

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