CJIC Leaders Attend China Engineering Technology,Production Cooperation &Equipment Manufacturing Exhibition in Indonesia.

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The exhibition spot
Photo of the leaders of CJIC and Wika Realty taken before the meeting


On Nov. 11, when the Indonesia Infrastructure Week is approaching, the group led by CJIC vice president Che Hui went Indonesia to attend the exhibition, hosted by China International Contractors Association, of China Engineering Technology,Production Cooperation and Equipment Manufacturingin 2016, and the forum of the cooperation on Indonesia infrastructure.

While staying in Indonesia, Vice President Che visited Indonesia State-Owned Construction Group (WIKA) and had a business meeting with its subdivision Wika Realty. The heads of two companies give a brief introduction to their companies and business respectively. Vice President Che said that as CJIC and Wika Group are both owned by the state and similar in business, the prospect of cooperation will be promising. He hopes that CJIC and Wika Realty can find out the best cooperation mode. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Che invited the president of Wika Realty to visit CJIC, thereby enhancing mutual understanding and achieving mutual trust and win.

It is said that Wika is one of the two state-owned infrastructure enterprises and designated by the Indonesia government as the participant in the high-speed rail construction from Jakarta to Bandung, which is the largest infrastructure project promoted both by the Chinese government and the Indonesia government till now. Wika Realty is the largest state-owned property corporation in Indonesia.

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