CJIC Signs Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation for Constructing Highways in Lao’s Attapu Province

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Signing the memorandum

On May 24(local time), the CJIC officially signed a memorandum of understanding on the cooperation in building highways in Lao’s Attapu province. Assistant to the corporate president, Li Biya, and Director of Public Works and Transport Phetmyxay Khamphakdy attended the ceremony and signed the memorandum on behalf of each side. The signing ceremony is also attended by the leader of the corporate office in Lao and the related staff of Public Works and Transport of Attapu province.
It is said that the major tasks of the project are to construct three highways with the lengths of 49, 42 and 15 kilometers. It is supposed to meet the Chinese standard of Class II and completed in three years.

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