CJIC Wins Bid for Embakasi Airport Hangar Project of Kenyan Ministry of Defense

2017/9/21 18:50:48  Read Number:
Recently, the Kenyan Ministry of Defence has awarded the project of Embakasi airport hangar to the CJIC. It is the first contracting project awarded by the Kenyan Ministry of Defence. 
The project is located in the Emabakasi region of the capital Nairobi. The major tasks include constructing an airport hangar, taxiways, duty rooms and a military pool within 32 weeks. 
Since 2016, the CJIC has entered the list of qualified contractors selected by the Kenyan Ministry of Defence. The success of the bid not only expands the channel of communication with the Kenyan government, but also contributes to the increasing influence of the CJIC in the local contracting market.
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