Vice Governor Zheng Weiwen Inspects CJIC’s Zambia Market

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Vice Governor Zheng Weiwen (middle) and his entourage are inspecting the project of the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport

The photo of Voice Governor and staff of the project management office

The meeting

The photo of Voice Governor Zheng and the representatives of enterprises


On June 23 (local time), Vice Governor of Jiangxi province Zheng Weiwen who was visiting Zambia and his entourage inspected the CJIC constructed project of upgrading and expanding Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and held a meeting to discuss the security and protection for the Jiangxi overseas Chinese. His entourage are Director of the Command Center of Jiangxi Public Security Department Hua Xiaoming, Vice Mayor of Yichun city Wan Xiuqi, Jian city Zhang Qiang, Shangrao city Qiu Muxing and the CJIC’s Vice President Huang Guangming.
Governor Zheng and his entourage arrived at the project site, listened to the brief on the progress. He recognized the achievement made in the construction. He said that since the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport is the “gate” into Zambia, the CJIC must exert a strict quality control and have the security awareness to build the airport with the philosophy “A new project is a new monument”, contributing to the friendship between the two countries.
After the inspection, he held a meeting to discuss the security and protection for the overseas Chinese from Jiangxi province. He listened to the report given by representatives of the enterprises and spoke highly of the achievement Jiangxi enterprises have made in the Zambian market. He said that Jiangxi enterprises with the CJIC as a representative have entered the Zambia market long before and taken up a large share. They have won a good reputation and established a good image, which makes “Jiangxi Construction”a fresh-new brand.
Governor Zheng noted that Jiangxi gives great weight to the opening and the development of its economy. Institutions like the provincial government and the Public Security Department will go to great length to provide services for and support the Jiangxi overseas enterprises and the Belt and Road initiative. He wanted Jiangxi enterprises to conform to the Belt and Road initiative, observe the local laws and regulations, become members of the local people, and work as hard as ever so that in the international communication, they make a good story and represent a positive image of Jiangxi for the development of Jiangxi opening economy.
Finally, he told the overseas staff to take care of the health and be careful. He asked the enterprises to unite together to meet any unexpected circumstance.


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