Delegation of African Ambassadors to China Visit CJIC Headquarters

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President Xu Guojian makes remarks

The leader of the delegation and ambassador of Madagascar Sikoninamakes remarks

Ambassador of Zambia Chibesakunda makes remarks

Ambassador of Benin Adovelande makes remarks.

Ambassador of Tunisia Khaled makes remarks

The meeting

On Nov.6, a delegation of African Ambassadors from 28 countries in China visited the CJIC headquarters and had a meeting with the corporate president Xu Guojian, China's Special Envoy to the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Ambassador Zhou Yuxiao, Deputy Director-General of the Department of African Affairs Hu Zhangliang and Deputy Directors of the provincial Department of Foreign and Chinese Overseas Affair Li Yuqiang and Hu Zhiyang.
President Xu said that China Jiangxi Corporation is a diversified multinational companywith the overseas business and representative offices in about thirty Asian and African countries. Africa is a major business market for the corporation. Ninety percent of its business comes from Africa and fifty percent of its employees live and work there. The corporation is a well-established international contractor that takes high position in the international contracting field and enjoys a good reputation in the world. It is elected the TOP 250 International Contractor in the World for 15 consecutive years and ranks the 90th in 2017. As a state-owned enterprise that actively participates in social welfare undertakings, it has donated money or goods over 5 million RMB, employed and trained more than 10000 local employees. It is awarded the title of Leading International Contractors with Standard CSR Performance. The corporation is a service-oriented international contractor that places a premium on cooperation and insists on the policy of promoting friendship, cooperation and mutual development. It strives to strengthen its capability of business integration and contribute to the social and economic development of Africa.  The industrial parks under construction in Zambia and Equatorial Guinea will receive many excellent Chinese manufacturing enterprises. The corporation will continue to enhance the cooperation with local enterprises and provide more jobs for the local people.
The leader of the delegation and ambassador of Madagascar Victor Sikonina expressed his gratitude to CJIC. He praised it for its long-standing business endeavour in the African market and the promotion of the economic development in the host countries. He congratulated the corporation on the achievements it has made. He said that the corporate business is consistent with the ten major China-Africa cooperation plans announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping in Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. He wants the corporation to observe the consensus reached by Chinese and African leaders and play an active role in the cooperation between China and Africa.
Zambian ambassador Winnie Chibesakunda said that Jiangxi has close cooperative relationship with Zambia. Many civil projects undertaken by China Jiangxi Corporation have stimulated the local economic development.Since the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport named after the founding president Kaunda is of great political significance, she wants the project to be completed with high quality.
The ambassador of Benin Simon Adovelande said that China Jiangxi Corporation has a good development in African English-speaking countries like Zambia. He welcomes the corporation to develop its business in African French-speaking countries Like Benin.
Tunisian ambassador Dhia Khaled showed great interesting in the industrial park project in Zambia and Equatorial Guinea. He hoped that the cooperation would set up a similar project in Tunisia.
The ambassador of Ghana Edward said that the corporate projects in Ghana improve the living condition of local people, Especially China-aided Cape Coast Sports Complex that gives him very deep impression.

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